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Our leadership team has a diverse background in clinical research, offering expert guidance to navigate the complex regulatory and clinical trial landscape. Through accessibility, in-depth project involvement and close collaboration with sponsors and regulators, Amarex experts are dedicated to successful drug development. Our corporate culture encourages creative thinking, innovation and professional growth—a philosophy fostering staff retention and ensuring that our top management team will stay with your trial for the long haul.

Kazem Kazempour, Ph.D.
Kazem Kazempour, Ph.D. | President and CEO
Peter Frantz, M.S., MBA
Peter Frantz, M.S., MBA | Senior Vice President, Business Operations
Kush Dhody, M.D., M.S.
Kush Dhody, M.D., M.S. | Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations
Hana Mekonnen, M.A.
Hana Mekonnen, M.A. | Senior Vice President, Biometrics
Herman Wong, B.S.
Herman Wong, B.S. | Senior Vice President, Information Technology

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